Rob Pelletier It isn’t easy keeping your employees productive while keeping your I.T. budget under control. You try to buy quality equipment, but it happens far too often: you or one of your staff is complaining about how slow the computer system is again. “Wait, didn’t I replace that system just a few months ago?”It is through hearing many stories like this that Rob, the owner and head technician at Marathon I.T., knew that there needed to be a link between the tech world and the general user of that technology. Most people have no idea how to “label” what’s wrong, they just know something is not right. As to correcting it, there is no actual manual for keeping computers running like new — it takes a lot of experience, skills and good old-fashioned knowledge to make technology work in the way it is supposed to.That is exactly what Marathon I.T. does — make things run they way they are supposed to and help clients understand why. Rob brings his technical knowledge and skill-set along with his ability to break down the tech language barrier. You get incredible, professional support without someone trying to “geek speak” you into buying things you do not need or into paying for an unnecessary service. 


Marathon I.T.’s approach is one of three-prong goodness:

  • a proactive one: preventing issues from occurring in the first place — saving lost time and money as your systems are taken away for repairs, or seeming to need replacement before they should.
  • a non-intrusive one: the ability to support your systems remotely, even while your users are working with the computer so their work day is not interfered with, saving time and money.
  • an effortless one: you do not need an engineering degree and multiple spoken languages or all the gory details (unless you want them)— Marathon IT does all the heavy lifting. This leaves you to do what you need and want to do: working, growing your business and enjoying your new computer for a long time.

That’s the Marathon IT way.


Rob Pelletier – Head Technician

Almost 20 years in the networking field, much of it in a corporate setting, has given Rob Pelletier the experience and know-how to handle the types of IT issues that businesses of all sizes run into. Whether it’s business network implementation, maintenance and security, or system sales, Rob will be with you to guide you through the entire process. His vast knowledge gives Rob the unique ability to educate his customers on how to better use their technology, whether it’s the business owner who wants to be more hands off, or the department head who wants to get down to the nitty gritty of their IT infrastructure.

Rob has a 3 year diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology and the Microsoft MCSE certification. He started Marathon I.T. seven years ago when he realized personalized service for a company’s IT needs was lacking in the industry. The company’s name comes from Rob’s passion for long distance running.

When he’s not working with his clients, Rob enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and granddaughter. He is a member of the London Business Boosters networking group and a board member of the London District Transportation Club. An avid sports fan, Rob is an enthusiastic supporter of the London Knights.